You have received a Loved Bible, now what?

Welcome!  We are glad after receiving a Loved Bible you are taking the time to get to know a little more about us!  You can find a variety of things on this website from how the project began to our Foundations Workbooks and many worksheets to make a Loved Bible.

1.  If you want to learn more about the Bible, we suggest reading the Foundations Workbook.   It will answer questions such as: Can we trust the Bible?  Who is Jesus?  Who does God say I am? The Foundation Workbook gives an overview of the gospel and how the gospel is for all of life. It details how the gospel saves us, sanctifies (grows) us, and sustains us (we never grow out of our need!).

2.  If you became a Christian recently, we would suggest asking another Christian to walk through the Foundations Workbook with you.  We also believe that the Bible is clear about the importance of gathering with the local church.  Finding a church might feel overwhelming to you.  Please check out our blog on how to find a local church here.

3.  If you have interest in loving a Bible for someone else, we suggest you start going through our Getting Started Guide.   The Getting Started Guide is an overview of the 5 basic steps for creating and giving a “Loved Bible.” 

4.  We would love to stay in touch with you!  Monthly, we send out a newsletter in which we include several new resources that are only available for email subscribers.   The newsletter resources will  help you Love God, Love Bibles, Love People, and Make Disciples.  Sign up for the newsletter here.

5. Make sure your Loved Bible is on the map and we would love to hear your story of how you received it!

6. If you have any other questions, contact us!

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