Winter 2023 Bible Study Picks

We are hoping that the advent season provided time to soak in God’s Word.  As the holidays have wrapped up, you may be starting to think about your winter/spring schedule.  Your church may already have started advertising their upcoming study options and all you have to do is sign up!  We hope you will take advantage of what they offer as we believe discipleship should happen primarily in the context of the local church.  However if you do not have options at your local church, here are a few suggestions for you to study God’s Word. 

Bible studies are designed to help you dig deeper into the Bible. 

A topical study is written to help you learn more about a specific topic such as the image of God, church history, the story of Scripture, etc. 

Book studies are simply that; reading a book to learn more about God. For example, None Like You by Jen Wilkin helps the reader understand 10 ways God is different from people and why that is a good thing.  

We love these Bible Study tips from Colleen Searcy. If you have not signed up for her newsletter, you should!

Bible Study TipWhat should be studied next?

Many are wrapping up fall Bible studies and considering what to study next. Below are a few helpful questions to ask:

What was ignited in your fall Bible study?

Consider what piqued the interest of the participants. What can you study that will encourage further learning and conversation?

Who are the participants in your Bible study? 

I teach an adult Bible study at my church and lead a high school Bible study at my house. Since God knows exactly who will be in each study, I ask Him for His counsel and leading as I consider what to study next. 

What is happening in the world?

Bible study should shape us, informing how we live. An important way to equip the saints is to apply the Scriptures to what is happening in the world so that we can image the Lord Jesus. 

What are my specific goals for the Bible study?

In other words, when Bible study wraps up in the spring, what do I hope the results will be? Begin with the end in mind!”

Suggestions are listed in order of time required for the study (from the least amount of time to the most involved study)

Old Testament

New Testament

Topical: The Story of Scripture

In our Foundations Workbook, we discuss that the Bible is one unified story. ” The Bible is written by God through human authors. It’s one big unified story, made up of many smaller stories. The entire book is really about Jesus, and it will transform people and communities. The Bible tells us how the Creator made all things (Genesis 1:1), sustains all things, (Hebrews 1:3), and is carrying his creation to its ultimate destiny—full re- creation (Revelation 21:3-5).” Obviously, it is important for us to understand the story of scripture. Check out the following resources to grow in your understanding of the one unified story.

Book Study

Enough about Me by Jen Oshman

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