Ways to Love Your Pastor

I will admit I still use Twitter to find great quotes, blog/articles, etc. Almost every Monday morning, Brian Croft of Practical Shepherding shares a quote similar to this “Pastors, it’s Monday. Don’t resign. But get some good coffee, a walk, and some silence and stillness in today.” This quote illustrates the battle that a pastor may feel each week.

Twenty one years ago, when I married Scott I gained a new role. I became a pastor’s wife. As he was already working at a church, I have never known marriage without full-time vocational ministry. I am repeatedly introduced as my pastor’s wife….which makes me chuckle as I have never introduced one of my dear friends as our financial planner’s wife. I have learned being a pastor’s wife is not my identity yet it is a role that affects our family. Over the years, people have both hurt us deeply and have loved us well. We have fought for heart-level friendships. We have learned that ministry is not a sprint, it is a marathon. God has been so gracious to allow us to serve Him in this way.

October is designated as Pastor Appreciation Month – an annual observance to honor pastors and others who “labor in preaching and teaching” (1 Tim. 5:17). Pastors play a vital role in our spiritual lives, guiding us on our faith journey, and helping us grow in our relationship with God. As a pastor’s wife, I am honored to write this blog to help share ways that you can show love to your pastor.

PRAY. One of the most powerful ways to love your pastor is through prayer. In this great article, Peter Orr says, “I was going to write, ‘pray for your pastor’ but that doesn’t convey the seriousness and urgency of the task. This is spiritual warfare (Eph 6:11-20). Your pastor is under more intense Satanic attack than anyone else you know. Satan wants to derail your pastor’s faith; discourage him; wreck his marriage; ensnare his children.” Pray for your pastor’s spiritual health, wisdom, and discernment as he leads the congregation. Intercede for his family, asking God to bless and protect them. He needs God’s grace just like you do! Send him a text letting him know that you were praying for him. Knowing that their congregation is praying can be a tremendous source of encouragement.

ENCOURAGE WITH YOUR WORDS. All of us need encouragement. For pastors, sometimes that encouragement can be rare. Your pastors field more criticism than you realize. Encouragement goes a long way. If you can, try to be specific in your encouragement. Instead of just saying “Great sermon” say “I was encouraged by this part of your message yesterday….or I learned more about God’s character by hearing….” He will appreciate hearing how you are growing in your love for Christ!

SEND A TEXT/EMAIL/CARD. Somedays in ministry are ROUGH. It might take you 30 seconds to write a text, a couple of minutes to write an email, or ten minutes to write and send a card. Being transparent, we actually have kept a box of cards that we have received over the years that we pull out and read when it is a discouraging day/season. They have been such a blessing in the marathon of ministry.

SERVE IN YOUR CHURCH. Loving your pastor well means actively participating in the life of the church as you are able to serve. Volunteer your time and talents to support the various ministries and activities. Whether it’s helping with administrative tasks, organizing events, or volunteering in the community, your involvement can make a significant difference. It not only lightens the load for your pastor/s but also strengthens the church community.

LOVE A BIBLE. This is a powerful way to support them with the truths of Scripture. As you prayerfully create a Loved Bible for your pastor, you are fighting for him against the attacks of enemy. Your pastor may need this encouragement more than you know! Check out our blog on “How to Love a Bible for Your Pastor.”


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