Ways to Live on Mission this Fall

Last night, I noticed it was starting to get darker earlier in the evening. Summer fun has come to a close, yet fall offers us a new set of opportunities to be missional with those around us. I LOVE fall! The cooler weather with no snow, the changing colors of the leaves, sitting outside around the fire pit and not feeling like I am melting in the sun are some of my favorite parts. While everyone’s life may look different, here are a few ways that you could engage your community this fall.

  • Football – While we don’t live in Texas, football is still huge in Western PA. We hope to attend a few games at our local high school. Another great way to engage others is inviting them over to watch a game. All you need is a TV, a few snacks and drinks. This is also a great way to invite others from church to come over and be on mission with you.
  • Sports – Fall ball is quite popular in our community. Most Saturdays, there are baseball and soccer games going on at the local ball field. If your child is playing, you may want to volunteer to be an assistant coach. One of my friends invites the team over to her house each weekend after the game for a cookout. What a great way to learn the stories of those around you!
  • Fires – I love inviting others over for a campfire. In the fall, I don’t have to worry about turning into a puddle due to the heat. Fires are great ways to connect your neighbors with those from your church. Roast hotdogs, make mountain pies, or have an epic s’mores spread! Ask open-ended questions and get to know others. 
  • Farms and Festivals – One of our local orchards has apple picking in the fall. A number of our local farms have pumpkin picking at festivals available each weekend in October. Get a group of friends to go together from church, your community group, co-workers, or gather a group from lots of different areas of your life.
  • Holidays –  As fall starts, I know we are approaching the holiday season. While everyone may have different views on celebrating Halloween, it is one of the easiest ways to connect with your neighbors. If you do not have a conviction against it, be home on Halloween. Give out good candy and get to know your neighbors. At one of our cul-de-sacs, all of the neighbors order pizza and sit outside together to hand out candy. Thanksgiving also is fast approaching. It is a great opportunity to invite others into your home who may be lonely. You may know a family who just moved to the area or someone from work who does not have family in town. Invite them to celebrate with you!
  • Serve – Help an older or physically limited neighbor with some yard work. It feels like everyday there are more leaves to rake! Organize a work day to serve a widow in your church or the community. Volunteer some time serving at a local non-profit.

The fall presents lots of opportunities to be on mission in your community. We hope some of these ideas work in your context.  

Which of these six ideas resonate most with you?

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