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Jana and her friend, Autumn

Jana Cole Lethcoe was first introduced to The Loved Bible Project at a women’s event.  Through TLBP Jana has found her purpose and calling.  She creates beautiful artwork for the Bibles she loves on and since being introduced to TLBP, she has shared it with children at Vacation Bible School, women and youth groups, and the men of Recovery Soldiers Ministry.

Recovery Soldiers Ministry is a 12-month recovery program for men who suffer from addiction located in Elizabethton, TN.  It is the first recovery center of its kind in the area, accepting any men who want to be free from the hands of addiction.  This program does not receive government funding and believes “Jesus is the only way to true freedom.”

RSM is a 1-year discipleship program in which the men live onsite and participate in 3 Bible studies a day.  When Jana first introduced The Loved Bible Project to the men at Recovery Soldiers Ministry they were skeptical because they saw it as “just another class.”  They thought they would “not do it right” or they would “mess up.”

But over time, the skepticism decreased and the pages of their Bibles began to fill up.  The men in Jana’s Loved Bible “class” decided they wanted to give Loved Bibles as Christmas gifts.

Here are just a few of their Loved Bible stories…


Sam is a daddy with three little boys:  Waylen (3 yrs. old), Rebel (2 yrs. old), and Lucas (1 yr. old).  He had no way to purchase Christmas gifts for his boys, so he made them a loved Bible.  The Bible is a treasured possession for his oldest son, Waylen, who carries the Bible around, showing it off.  He always asks his mom to read it to him, and she does, reading it to all three boys every night before bed.  Sam enjoyed loving a Bible for his boys so much, he decided to work on one for his mother whom he hadn’t spoken to in over a year.  He said she cried as she flipped through the pages of her new Loved Bible.


When asked what he thought of The Loved Bible Project, Daniel said: “It is an awesome way to interact with God’s Word and a great way to share the gospel.”  He also added, “The Loved Bible Project made the Bible come alive to me.”  Daniel gave his Loved Bible to his 13-year-old daughter, Adriana.  Daniel says: “Adriana loved her Bible so much that she takes it to school and shares the gospel with her friends and other kids that don’t know Jesus.”


Brandon says: “The Loved Bible Project helped me to understand the Word in a different way.”  Before coming to RSM, Brandon had not been in church since he was 4 years old.  Brandon was a tattoo artist so he enjoys being able to use his art and calligraphy in his Loved Bibles.  He has made two Loved Bibles, one for his mother and another for his wife.

Ray Ray

Ray, whom everyone calls Ray Ray, will be the first graduate of Recovery Soldiers Ministry!  He is set to graduate the program in February of 2018.  Ray Ray gave his loved Bible to his daughter when she came to visit him during Christmas.  The next week, when she returned, she asked her daddy how to be saved.

The guys at Recovery Soldiers Ministry

Addicted men.  Broken families.  Being made new, redeemed and restored through the Word of God.  As the men share their loved Bibles with wives, mothers, and children, their family members treasure these precious gifts and carry them on into homes and schools.  The Gospel is being shared and spread through the Loved Bibles of the men at Recovery Soldiers Ministry.


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