The Bible Is One Big Unified Story

Have you downloaded our free Getting Started Guide and Foundations Workbook? The Getting Started Guide helps you know how to prepare your heart, gather materials, and get started! It also helps you know what to do along the way through the Loved Bible process. The Foundations Workbook helps you know and highlight key truths of the Christian faith to include in a Loved Bible.  

Download this free printable as you get started on the “What is the Bible?” section. Cut out the journaling cards and use them to begin making your Loved Bible. 

As you read the Biblical Overview of Foundation 1 (Foundations Workbook) a big takeaway to think about is understanding the Bible is one big unified story. We’ve been listening to Jani Ortlund on her podcast and she shared a very practical worksheet that helps give an overview of how the Bible is organized as one big story!  Check it out here to better understand the Word.

How the Bible is organized –

Here are 3 practical takeaways we had from listening: 

  1. “As you read through the Bible, ask yourself, “Now what does this passage show me about the God who provides redemption and the people who need it?”
  2. “Keep those handouts available, as you’re reading through this year, so that you can figure out, “Oh, this is a prophecy or this is a personal letter,” it will just help you as you read to understand what type of literature you’re reading.”  
  3. “What I want you to see is for you to read your Bible for one half hour a day, six days a week really isn’t that much. It’s three hours out of 168 hours each week. We all have time for Jesus.”

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