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You’re ready to make-disciples using The Loved Bible Project?

One of the best ways The Loved Bible Project is being used is in small group discipleship. Gather a few people together and discuss the Foundations Workbook. This will give them a high-level understanding the key truths of Christianity.

Many people will use the Foundations Workbook on their own, taking notes, and putting together a Loved Bible as a gift. An effective way to begin discipling others in the truths of Christianity is to go through the Workbook together. As you walk through it with someone as a disciple-maker, there are going to be things you want to highlight. Everyone is going to have different things they focus in on and will depend on who they are with, what will be helpful for them, and what was very helpful for you. God is using you as a conduit to change other people in this process.

Often we think that the gospel we have received just stays with us -the enemy will convince us we don’t know enough and make us feel like we unable to pass it on to others.

This Leader Guide contains ideas for how to love a Bible using the Foundations Workbook, plus engaging conversation starters to help you navigate it with someone else. This is what we would call a discipleship relationship: simply two or a few people coming alongside each other to grow as followers of Jesus. We hope these notes are helpful and serves to equip you in making disciples!

Reminder: There is no one way to approach making disciples with TLBP. Adjust the set up, timing, etc depending on your group and how the Holy Spirit leads your discussion.

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