Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

Take a minute and think who do you know that needs the gospel? The first answer that usually comes to mind is anyone who is not following Christ. This is true yet the gospel is not just for unbelievers! Christians need the gospel too as the gospel is for all of life. The gospel saves us, sanctifies (grows) us, and sustains us (we never grow out of our need!).

During the month of May, I (Heather) spent each Wednesday gathering with women from my church to go through The Daily Grace Company’s “Preaching the Gospel to Yourself.” If you are not sure what the term gospel means, please check out our blog post What is the Gospel? Our group gathered for 4 weeks working through the workbook. We discussed how the gospel applies to everything from social media to friendships to suffering and so much more. It was eye opening and full of discussion.

This would be a great study to do with a group of teens, new believers, or anyone who wants to apply the gospel to everyday life. In fact, our study group suggested we walk through it together once every two years as we are prone to forget these important truths! Below are some of our favorite takeaways or quotes…

  • #1– “When we understand the beauty of the gospel, no area of our lives can go untouched by the hope and life that it brings.”
  • #2– “The gospel should be the lens through which believers see their lives. When it is, the gospel interprets everything we think, feel, and perceive in this world. When it comes to our goals, the gospel compels us because it reminds us that we are stewards of God’s grace in every area of our lives.”
  • #3 – “Our Savior invites us to come and lay our burdens on Him, because He has already paid the price for them all. He invites us to come to His Word to hear the gospel every day. He invites us to come to Him in prayer with all of our worries and fears, knowing that our Father in Heaven cares for us.”
  • #4 – “If we believe He is who He says He is, we can trust fully in His timing and His outcome, knowing that God who knows all things can and will do what is best for us. We may be anxious over uncertainty, but God is never anxious because nothing is uncertain to Him. We can rest in the unknown because it is not known to God.”
  • #5-  “Opening your heart and your home is an act of obedience motivated by love for the Father. It is choosing to see others as image bearers with intrinsic worth given to them by the Creator, no matter how different they are from you.”
  • #6 – “The gospel is not just that Christ saves individuals, but that He redeems the Church, sanctifying her so that she can be presented to him as His pure and holy bride….We are not saved into isolation, but into community. The corporate nature of our union with Christ has huge implications for the way we live in relationship to other another in the local church.”
  • #7 – “Our lives are marked by kindness and generosity to show the gospel so that we can share the gospel in clear words that come from the Word of God.”
  • #8 – “We are so quick to approach friendship selfishly, focusing on how we can benefit from the relationship, but we are called to think first about how we can serve our friends, counting their needs as more important than our own. We practice this kind of self-sacrifice love because it is what Christ did for us.”
  • #9-  “The gospel reminds us of God’s good purpose for our work. The gospel reminds us that this purpose beckons an outward focus to serve God and neighbor rather than ourselves.”
  • #10- “By grace we can use social media as a powerful tool to share gospel truth. By grace social media can be a supplemental means of loving, serving, and relating to our flesh and blood neighbors. By grace God can use social media to stir our affection or Him and for His Word.”

Which quote is your favorite?

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