Prayers for the “Who”

The fourth step of The Loved Bible Project process is “Give it away.” When you start a Loved Bible, often you start with thinking about who it will go to, and this step is really straight-forward. But maybe you’re not sure. That’s ok! Keep praying and ask God to make you aware of the people around you.

Ideally, we encourage you to give the Loved Bible to someone you know so you can read through it together. Making disciples of Jesus happens best in a personal relationship. It is helpful to think through the natural rhythms of your life and consider your neighbors, people at your gym, at work, or at your kids’ sporting events. Make a list of places you frequently go.

Glenna Marshall wrote an excellent blog and shares five helpful questions as you pray not only for your church family, but also for others in your life. She says, “Praying for my church family requires that I know them, really know them. If I want to bear their burdens, as commanded by Paul in Galatians 6:2-5, then I have to know what their burdens are. I have to be invested in their lives.

Here are some questions I regularly ask the Lord during my prayer time each week:

  • Who can I encourage this week with a call/text/letter in the mail?
  • Who might need a meal dropped off on their porch?
  • Who is stuck at home and might need me to pick up a prescription or some items from the pharmacy?
  • Who seemed discouraged the last time we talked?
  • Who haven’t I contacted in a long time?”

Consider these questions and reach out to a few people this week! Pray for how God might use these acts of love and thoughtfulness to open doors for a gospel opportunity.

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