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In just a few short weeks we will be kicking off the 2018-2019 school year (and many of your students have already started back to school!)

As our students and teachers prepare to return to class, let’s do our part in lifting them up and preparing them for a successful year!

What’s the best way to do this?


Under Resources you will find the “Prayer Dare for Our Schools” written by a friend and contributor to The Loved Bible Project, Beth Berryman.

Beginning Sunday, August 12th we will walk through this Prayer Dare together for 21 days (3 rounds of 7 days) on The Loved Bible Project Facebook page. We encourage you to go like our page and if you select “See First” under following, you’ll be sure to see it in the top of your newsfeed daily.  We will post the prayer for each day and would love for you to pray along with us!  Comment if you will be praying and where you are praying from.


What do you think our schools would look like if we covered them with Loved Bibles?  Is there a student or faculty member at one of your local schools that you could give a Loved Bible to?  What about a homeschooling mama that needs your prayers and encouragement?

Get started loving a Bible for a teacher, student, school staff or administrator or a homeschooling mama!

  1. Purchase a Bible you intend to give away
  2. Download the Prayer Dare from Resources
  3. Each day for at least 7 days, spend time in prayer with your Loved Bible
  4. You can write out the prayer prompt for the day and add to your Bible
  5. You can add other notes and highlight scripture.  We’ve prepared this list of scriptures to get you started. Download a printable copy here.
  6. Pray and give it away!
  7. (If you plan to give a Loved Bible, contact us by August 14th with your mailing address and we will send you a free giveaway packet to give with it – includes a bookplate, contact card and a few goodies to help them continue loving on their Bible)

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