Our Takeaways from Proclaim Truth Conference

In October, we had the privilege of attending the Proclaim Truth Conference. What a delight to spend a few days concentrating on learning about the church! Below are some of our favorite takeaways or quotes.

  • #1– Garrett and Brittany Ferris lead worship. Before introducing a new song to us, Garret said “the first thing we should do in our ministries is pray; show our dependance on God.” We appreciated his reminder to not make a list of what to do, not strive to get it done, but PRAY!!!
  • #2– We loved this quote from Jen Wilkin: “God’s been building His church long before we took our first breath and He will continue when we’re gone.”
  • #3 – As we studied the church, we were reminded that Charles Spurgeon called the church “the dearest place on earth.” What a beautiful picture!
  • #4 – Courtney Reissig presented on church as the “The Bride of Christ.” We looked at Ezekiel 16:59. She shared these quotes:
    • “God is a FAITHFUL bridegroom!”
    • “God will not leave His bride to wallow in her sin. He will not leave her abandoned. He will not leave her as a broken and sinful and faithless bride.”
    • Praise God, that “the strength of the marriage is not based on the bride, it’s based on the bridegroom.”
    • We have such a faithful God to not leave us in our sin. If you want to study more of God’s attributes, check out our Attributes Worksheet.
  • #5-  We love using The Loved Bible Project as a discipleship tool. Holly Longacre reminded participants that even thought tools are great…we have something even better “than any tool you’ll get in any workshop. [We] have in [us] the Holy Spirit.”
  • #6 – Along the lines of takeaway 5, Colleen Searcy shared similar thoughts with all of us. “If you’re a teacher, you are empowered by the same spirit who empowers your favorite Bible teacher. One spirit empowers them all. If you’re a leader, you love the same scripture. That’s the oneness we need to feel. We’re empowered by one Spirit, under one authority who is Jesus Christ.” If you want to learn more about how the Holy Spirit empowers, check out the “Empowered” section in the Foundations Workbook.
  • #7 – In the Foundations Workbook, point #6 of the relationships section states “Get involved in a Christ-centered church.” Courtney Reissig shared this great reminder, “The primary way we put righteous deeds into practice is in our local church.” If you do not currently attend a local church, check out our blog on “How to Find a Local Church.” The church needs you to share your gifts!
  • #8 – In the church, we should treat each others as brother and sisters. As much as I love my biological sister, we did have disagreements growing up. Colleen Searcy gave a few helpful tips to handle disagreements. “When in disagreement, acknowledge that neither of you is the head of the Church; Christ is! Acknowledge that you might be wrong. Acknowledge we disagree about (fill in the blank) but we both agree on Christ and Him crucified.”
  • #9-  Angie Likens shared a simple tip in a workshop on leading women’s events. She had asked her mother to make fudge for those attending her workshop (it was delicious!) Why you might ask? She likes to make events special finding ways to allow someone to use their gifts. “Seek to develop and use the gifts God has given to help others” is point 4 in our Foundations Workbook in the empowered section. I am excited to think about ways I can invite others to use their gifts in future events at our church.
  • #10- “Jesus’ clear command to his followers is to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). God’s plan for spreading his message throughout the world is accomplished by His people. Making disciples simply means showing and teaching others about Jesus in your everyday life. This requires intentionality, humility, and grace.” (TLBP Foundations Workbook) We are called to make disciples and that includes making disciples in our own homes. Julie Wilding presented a workshop on “The Church is God’s Family.” She shared two questions that parents can ask their children each week after church. “Did you learn something new about God today? What did the Bible show you about who God is today?” Both of those questions can lead to great discussions with your children.

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