Loving a Bible for Suffering and Grieving Friends

Take a few minutes to think of the people around you. Is there anyone experiencing grief or loss? Is there someone you know battling cancer? Is there someone suffering?

Walking with someone through a difficult season gives us an opportunity to show Christ’s love to them. We may walk alongside others in a variety of ways, providing comfort to their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. A Loved Bible can be a tool to show you care.

Grief can be caused by a many things, including job loss, change in circumstances, death, etc. Usually there’s nothing you can say that will make someone’s loss hurt less. The pain will last for some time, yet you can let them know you’re there to journey with them. Grief is a marathon, not a sprint.

We acknowledge it’s impossible to encapsulate all the emotions that arise when you’re walking with someone who is struggling, we’ve found these reminders helpful:

  • Be patient with them.
  • Recognize that grief comes in waves.
  • Try to say less, and listen more.
  • Keep praying for them.
  • Continue to be there.
  • Skip religious platitudes.

For example, regarding Romans 8:28: Yes, all things work together for good for those who love God, and yet a grieving person likely won’t find this comforting. “Cancer [grief] is painful no matter how convinced you are of God’s sovereignty.” – Marissa Henley, Loving Your Friend Through Cancer

Quick start:

  • Purchase a Bible for the recipient
  • Look up the Scriptures and add the quote/note (Step 3 of the Loved Bible process)
  • Pray. Throughout the entire process pray. Use each moment you highlight a Scripture as a prompt to pray the Scripture. Donald Whitney wrote a great book on Praying the Bible, read a summary here. You might also write out your prayer and tape into the Bible. It’s also great to date your entries and add any personal details to your prayers (Today you were moved from the ICU, today you went for your first chemo treatment, etc).
  • Usually there is a sense of urgency when creating a Loved Bible for a suffering friend. Spend time day-by-day and use this Loved Bible as a tangible reminder to intentionally pray for your friend.
  • Give away the Bible.
  • Continue to send them notes and Scriptures to insert into the Bible. Encourage friends and family to also add and send entries. This Loved Bible becomes a reminder of the journey, the prayers along the way, and comfort knowing God will not leave them.
  • For more details and explanation on how to create a Loved Bible download our Getting Started Guide

As we have created Loved Bibles for others, we have collected some of our favorite quotes. We’ve captured those notes and Scriptures below and they are helpful to remind us of the truth that God never leaves us, God is near.  When our heart cries out, cling to these truths.  He is a God who sees. Feel free to use them in a Loved Bible. All of these notes aim to communicate the theme that God is with them and will not leave them during this difficult journey!

Scripture list for someone suffering

Scripture list for grief

Scripture list for walking alongside someone with cancer

Scripture list for pregnancy/infant loss

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