Loved Bibles for Hadassah’s Hope

Thank you so much for volunteering to create a Loved Bible for Hadassah’s Hope.   We greatly appreciate it!

We wanted to provide you with some information about Hadassah’s Hope from their website.

“Hadassah means compassion. Our ministry is called Hadassah’s Hope because of the compassion we hold for others and the HOPE we have in JESUS.  We love because Jesus first loved us, and He told us that the world will know Him and will know we are on Team Jesus by OUR LOVE for one another.

We are a non-profit ministry to reach women who work in the adult entertainment industry. The goal is to offer friendship and love by sharing the hope we have in Jesus.

What if Jesus was serious when He identified you in Matthew 5 as the “light on the hill,” the one who was meant to “go and be the light of the world?” What if he had a plan to deeply impact the lives of many women through you? Would you want to be part of his plan?

We believe that is exactly what He desires! We believe God wants to use us to meet the needs of women in Jacksonville with His love and connect with them in ways that allow you to build relationships, bring encouragement, speak life, and share the Gospel.”

Hadassah’s Hope website

Volunteers visit the strip clubs 2-4 times a month to build relationships with the girls who work there. They will listen to the stories and offer resources and transformational programs. 

Loving a Bible for this project:

Hadassah’s Hope desires to have 150 Loved Bibles as part of their Christmas gifts at their outreach night this year.  This is where you come in.  You have agreed to love on Bibles for this outreach.  

  • Prayer!  Prayer will be vital during this project.  Every time you work on your Bible, please take time to pray for the woman who will receive it.  Hadassah’s Hope created a prayer guide that is really helpful.
  • Pause: Take time to think through what you are including in this Bible.  The woman receiving it has walked a difficult journey.  In the Hadassah’s Hope prayer guide, they mention how most of these girls have “suffered severe trauma and abuse. It leads to crushed spirits, deep wounds, and feelings of hopelessness.” Please be cautious about using religious platitudes even when they are Scripture – for example, we would recommend you skip Romans 8:28. I always remember when author Marissa Henley said in her book, “Cancer is painful no matter how convinced you are of God’s sovereignty.” Although these women are are not walking through cancer, the point of the quote is still the same. Pray for wisdom and discernment for each entry into this Loved Bible.
  • Version: We recommend an NIV, ESV, or CSB Bible. This is a great one for this project: ESV Thinline or NIV Thinline. You can also look at the recommended Bibles on our website.

What Scriptures do we recommend you highlight?

Keep an eye out in your inbox each month or check back here. Each month we will send you suggested entries from three of our resources: the Foundations Workbook, the Attributes of God Worksheet, and the Suffering Worksheet. (If you are anxious to get started, start with the Attributes of God worksheet!)

  • The Loved Bible Foundations Workbook: The Foundations Workbook answers common questions new believers often raise, and guides you through lifelong truths that apply to a maturing Christian.  Using it will give an overview to important concepts found in God’s Word.
    • If it is your first time working on a Loved Bible using the Foundations Workbook, download the free workbook here.
  • The Loved Bible Attributes Worksheet: When we read the Bible, we can learn the attributes of  God.  God tells us who He is and what He is like in the Bible.   Every story, person, place, and event in the Bible is true and helps us learn who God is. 
  • The Loved Bible Suffering Worksheet: We’ve provided Scripture verses and quotes to communicate the theme that God is with those who suffer, and will not leave them during this difficult journey! 

Shipping details:

  • Loved Bibles should be completed and mailed by Mid-October (shipped directly to Hadassah’s Hope in Jacksonville, FL) The Bibles can be sent to Joani Ross at 3209 Riverside Ave Jacksonville, FL 32205.

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