Love Others – Take them a Meal

We have walked through a variety of seasons that were difficult and honestly having a meal dropped off meant so much!  The gift of not having to prepare dinner was a huge support.  We also appreciated having meals in times of joy such as having a new baby.  We hope these ideas will help you as you seek to love those around you.

  • Penne Alfredo: This recipe is SO easy! You make it all in one pot in just 30 minutes! Pair it with a loaf of Italian bread and a salad and you have a meal that is ready to go!  
  • Best Slow Cooker Roast: I always have a roast in my freezer.  The great part about this meal is the slow cooker does the work for you! The roast is easily paired with potatoes and a salad. 
  • Sheet Pan Fajitas: Sheet pan dinners are great as there is not a lot of mess to clean up. This is an easy meal to make and transport to someone with all of the toppings! 
  • Broccoli and Sausage Ravioli: “You just layer everything on top of each other and bake it. No chopping, boiling, cooking or whatnot.” This sounds like a perfect meal to put together quickly for someone. Add a simple salad and you are ready to go!

Maybe you just don’t love cooking. (Honestly, I dread making dinner each day!)  Or maybe someone needs a meal on what is an already busy day. 

Here are two simple ideas:

  1. Pick up a rotisserie chicken, a bag of salad, and some frozen veggies.
  2. Grab a quiche from the prepared foods section and pair it with a platter of fruit.

Click to download fun, printable meal tags!

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