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October is designated as Pastor Appreciation Month – an annual observance to honor pastors and others who “labor in preaching and teaching” (1 Tim. 5:17).

Especially right now, we need to fight for our pastors. In this great article, Peter Orr says, “I was going to write, ‘pray for your pastor’ but that doesn’t convey the seriousness and urgency of the task. This is spiritual warfare (Eph 6:11-20). Your pastor is under more intense Satanic attack than anyone else you know. Satan wants to derail your pastor’s faith; discourage him; wreck his marriage; ensnare his children.”

The Loved Bible Project equips people to see the God of the Bible in all seasons of life. This includes our pastors and the spiritual warfare they experience!

Check out pages 14-15 of our Getting Started Guide. Here, we guide you to think about who you’ll give a Loved Bible away to. It could be someone curious about the Christian faith, a new Christian wanting to grow in biblical knowledge, or a mature Christian seeking mutual encouragement.

Pastor Appreciation Month is a great reminder, and a time to encourage your pastor! We’ve created a new worksheet to guide you in Scriptures and notes to include in your Loved Bible. As you highlight Scriptures, use this as an intentional time to pray for your pastor. You might also write those prayers as additional notes to include in your Loved Bible. Always feel free to add other Scriptures and encouragement as well. This worksheet will get you started!

Consider doing this project on your own or with your family. It would also be amazing to get your small group or entire congregation involved!

I reached out to my small group and friends to help. Here’s a sample message:

“I’m putting together a Loved Bible for ___________ (list your pastor or pastors’ names). A Loved Bible contains highlighted Scriptures, notes, and prayers and will be given as a gift for Pastor Appreciation Month in October. If you would be willing to help, please let me know. I’ll send you a Scripture and a quote to write out on a small card (i.e. index card, post-it, etc.). On the back you can write a personal note or prayer. Then you’ll send it to me and I’ll tape it into the Bible next to the Scripture.”

As people respond to your invitation, assign one of the Scriptures/notes from the worksheet to each person (and keep track so you don’t have duplicates!). If you have multiple pastors, be sure to instruct your group to write out the note multiple times. For example, “I’m making a Loved Bible for our each of our 3 pastors, so please write 3 Loved Bible cards with a note: 1 for each pastor.”

Download the Worksheet here!

For other simple ways to encourage your pastor, this is a great blog.

Many of our pastors have faced – or are still facing – the hardest years of their ministry lives. This is a powerful way to support them with the truths of Scripture. As you prayerfully create a Loved Bible for your pastor, you are fighting for him against the attacks of enemy. Your pastor may need this encouragement more than you know!

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