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Step #5 of The Loved Bible Project process is “Invest and Invite.” A common question we get is “How do I know who I should be investing in?” Our desire is to help guide you through a process to help you have eyes to the specific people who you interact with on a regular basis.

Last fall, Heather had the opportunity to attend the Proclaim Truth Conference. Garrett and Brittany Ferris lead worship. Before introducing a new song, Garrett said “the first thing we should do in our ministries is pray; show our dependance on God.”  We appreciated his reminder to not make a list of what to do, not strive to get it done, but PRAY!!!. Creating a Loved Bible begins with prayer. At TLBP we have a heart for loving others, advancing the gospel, living on mission, and making disciples. Practically speaking, this means keeping in mind: who could I give a Loved Bible to (perhaps someone dealing with loss) or who could I create a Loved Bible with (someone who wants to grow in their confidence navigating the Bible). Begin by writing down the people God is placing in front of you.

Take a minute and read John 4:27-42. We love this quote related to that passage from Matt Carter.

“God always works personally, and he sends us to individual people to tell them about Jesus. Jesus went to an everyday place-a well- and found a woman who needed him, and he told her the good news.  Where’s your well????

What a great question for each of us to ponder!!!! Where are the places that God has specifically placed us for His glory? Take a minute an jot down the names of places that you are regularly at throughout your week.

Anne Marie shared her own life experience on Instagram for our readers.

“I remember when I first started to think about disciple-making it was very overwhelming. I was working a full-time job and had 5 children, I didn’t feel particularly called to ‘teach’, and wasn’t even sure if I was really qualified or equipped. And even when encouraged that I was, where would I find these willing learners and what would I teach them??  For a while I focused on discipleship focusing on my own children. But God started to really stir me to begin praying and keeping my eyes open for opportunities outside my kids. Using a process very similar to our Intentional Prayer Guide, I started praying for someone to walk alongside to encourage, equip, and help grow in maturity. And God was faithful to send.” 

Anne Marie, Founder of The Loved Bible Project

But once you find someone, where do you start? What do you do? 

Invite them to do The Loved Bible Project with you. Get 2 Bibles (one for each of you) and work through the Foundations Workbook (our Getting Started Course is a great way resource). As you go through the Foundations Workbook – not only will you grow in confidence navigating Scripture, you’ll confirm understanding of key truths of what it means to be a Christian. There will be things your mentee might be hearing for the first time (or you might be learning something new too!). Use those things as springboards to deeper learning. You may finish the Foundations Workbook and decide to read a book of the Bible or you may do a topical study like the story of Scripture or focus on Identity. 

Disciple-making can at first feel like something that should be left to the ‘professionals’ or someone in full-time ministry. But take some time to meditate on the “great commission” found in Matthew 28:16-20. This is OUR mission. This is YOUR mission.

What steps can you take toward making disciples this month?

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