Missional Living: Intentional Prayer

Creating a Loved Bible always begins with prayer. 

At The Loved Bible Project we have a heart for loving others, advancing the gospel, living on mission, and making disciples. Practically speaking, this means keeping in mind: who could I give a Loved Bible to (perhaps someone dealing with loss) or who could I create a Loved Bible with (someone who wants to grow in their confidence navigating the Bible). 

We’ve created this Intentional Prayer guide to help you begin to create a prayer list to open your eyes to the people God is placing in front of you.

Making disciples of Jesus happens best in a personal relationship. It is helpful to think through the natural rhythms of your life and consider your neighbors, people at your gym, at work, or at your kids’ sporting events. This guide will help you write down and thing through these places!

We recommend you go through this guide every few months. As seasons change, so do certain relationships. Continually evaluate, add to your list, and shift your focus when needed.

A few points to remember:

  • This is a ‘list’, but it serves as an intentional reminder NOT a to-do list. Guard  your heart and mind from considering anyone a project.
  • This process is just a guide! God may put someone in your path, out of the blue. Be obedient to the Holy Spirit if He is calling you to mentor this person  or share a Loved Bible with them. Just because someone is not on your list does not mean you should not engage with them.
  • Pray for faithful endurance. Months, years, or even decades may go by before you see any change in a person. Keep praying. We give up far too quickly.

Evangelism is not just us talking to our family and friends about Jesus. 
It’s also talking to Jesus about our family and friends. God is listening to your prayers. 
Who are you telling him about? 
Who in your life do you want Jesus to pursue?” 
Jeff Vanderstelt

Are you ready to begin praying intentionally for the people around you?

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