How we are reviewing 2023 and refocusing for 2024

In our Yearly Review Guide sent to email subscribers we shared a worksheet with several questions to help you review and refocus as you end and start a new year or season. We went through this process as a leadership team and we are so thankful to have been blessed to see God’s faithfulness this year! We would love for you to look back with us over 2023 and what we have planned for 2024.

Review 2023

What worked: What worked in the last year?

What did not work: What didn’t work in the last year? Challenges?

  • Anne Marie did not have the time needed to create all of the graphics we needed.
  • The number of students for the online learning platform exceeded what we wanted to spend financially to keep the platform free for users and we could not add more users
  • We had wanted to create an internship program with a local college but that did not come to fruition.
  • Many Foundations Challenge participants struggled to complete the full 6 weeks
  • We struggled to manage keeping up with our 2 Facebook groups – Share the Love and the Disciple Maker group.

What we learned: What did we learn?

  • We learned that many participants would like to be better equipped to use the Foundations Workbook. As a result, we developed “Diving Deeper Resources” for each section of the Foundations Workbook. In addition, we started filming our “Ask a Pastor” series that will be released in the future.
  • We learned how much you love printables. As a result, we have decided to include a free one each month for newsletter subscribers.
  • We learned that the Holy Spirit is a hot topic that that created a lot of questions/feedback from our followers! We read Here in Spirit: Knowing the Spirit Who Creates, Sustains, and Transforms Everything by Jonathan Dodson and went through the Holy Spirit Course by Bible Mesh to provide additional scriptural context for a popular post.

Regular things we listened to: (podcasts, sermons, books, radio, music, etc) 

Books read this year by our Creative Team

Bible Study using books of the Bible

  • Anne Marie- Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Job, Romans, Exodus, Mark, John
  • Heather- Numbers, Nehemiah, Psalms, Jonah, Ruth, Luke, Philippians, 1 & 2 Timothy, 1 Peter, and 1, 2, 3 John

Prayers answered

  • We launched our church liaison program in 2023. We added 3 church liaisons to our team and love hearing how they are sharing about TLBP in their local contexts.
  • We worked closely with 2 wonderful Christian graphic designers who helped us with the rebranding project, website refresh, updates to the Foundations Workbook, daily social posts, and lots of new swag including t-shirts for the team!

Discipleship: Who is investing in you? Who are you investing in? 

  • Grove City College had 3 discipleship groups work through the Foundations Workbook
  • Launched a spring and fall Foundations Workbook Challenge with 200+ participants
  • Launched our church liaison program and onboarded 3 church liaisons
  • Hosted zoom meetings with our creative team and church liaisons and started a regular video chat with the team
  • Helped launch Loved Bible groups with multiple churches, a Christian high school and college, and a campus outreach ministry (YoungLife)
  • Anne Marie continued to meet with Pastor Scott regularly to discuss The Loved Bible Project. Anne Marie and Heather both joined a year long group to dive deeper into systematic theology and will be reading through the New Testament together in 2024.

Refocusing for 2024

  • Redesigning the Foundations Challenge to be released for the fall challenge date: Fall 2024
  • Create a Pastor Information Packet to be distributed by potential church liaisons bring The Loved Bible Project to their church
  • Collect stories of how people are using TLBP in their own context
  • Creation of a YouTube channel and audio/visual clips to include our “Ask a Pastor Series” through the Foundations Workbook and other FAQs for getting started
  • Completion and release of the Foundations Workbook Leader Guide
  • We are looking for more guest contributors for the Creative Team and church liaisons!
  • More Happy Mail and printables!

We would love to hear if there’s anything you would like to see in 2024 as you use The Loved Bible Project to make disciples!

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