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We’re thankful to be part of the work God is doing through The Loved Bible Project.  Thank you for your interest in serving and supporting TLBP as a guest contributor. We encourage you to read our mission, vision, statement of beliefs, and core values to understand more about our ministry.

Some submissions may have specific deadlines (like Advent).  We will give you specific details depending on the assigned resource.  


  • Use a compact sized NIV or ESV Bible (see website Resources for suggestions)  
  • Highlight the referenced Scripture from your assigned resource
  • Add a sticky note, journaling card, etc with the associated quote/note
  • Take a square, naturally-lit picture
    • TIPS:
      • Take your pictures from overhead, not from a side angle.
      • Using a black pen will help your text stand out.
      • Only single photos will be used (do not use 2 sided journaling cards). 
      • The Bible should be opened
      • You can style the background of your photo however you want
  • Email your post information/photo to:
    • In the text of your post:
      • Subject:  Assigned Resource (i.e. Advent, Identity, Grief, Suffering, Foundations Workbook) 
      • Type the entire Bible verse (to avoid typos, copy and paste from
      • The entire quote with author, book, and page number from the assigned resources
      • Write PC (for Picture Credit) or (camera icon): your first name, @instagram*, Guest Contributor  (*You do not have to include a social media reference in your photo credit.)
 Example of information posted: 




  • Keep in mind, The Loved Bible Project is not primarily a Bible Journaling community (although we have lots following and participating in the project and our mission!). Do not feel like you need to submit complex or artistic entries. “Simple” works just fine for this ministry!
  • Since we are using the Bible to promote biblical literacy and using a Loved Bible as a tool in discipleship, please do not paint or permanently cover over the text of Bible.
  • Do not include any affiliate branding as part of your photos or watermarks
  • Do not post your photo until after we post it on The Loved Bible Project pages
  • Remember, everyone has a unique style. Don’t compare your style with other social media posts. We’re not looking for each picture or styling to be alike, as if they’re from the same person. Embrace your uniqueness!
** This is a volunteer role without compensation and we reserve the right to not post or request edits if an entry does not meet our guidelines.


Thank you for support TLBP! May we be used to glorify God and magnify his name through loving Bibles, loving people, and our common mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

If you are interested in joining our Creative Team, email us for more details


Available Resources: 

Identity in Christ Worksheet
Pastor Appreciation month 
Advent 2021 (new worksheet) 


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