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Getting Started Overview

5 simple steps to create a Loved Bible

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Step One

Prepare Your Heart

Make sure your heart and mind are in the right place. Take 5 to 30 minutes to focus your heart on God and his Word. Here are some suggestions:

  • Consider your space. If music, fresh air, or coffee will help you focus, put those things in place.
  • Begin with stillness, and settle your heart.
  • Read a Psalm, devotional book, or another Scripture passage.
  • Meditate on God’s deep love for you, and his presence with you.
  • Pray, asking God to show you more of himself through his Word.
  • Listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart.
  • Pray for the person who will receive this Loved Bible.

Step Two

Gather Supplies

The goal of a Loved Bible is not to be artsy, but to apply the Bible to all of life and help someone else navigate Scripture. You need just a few simple supplies to get started:

  • BIBLE – Use any size Bible that works for you, and one that will work for the person who will receive it. We love a compact size Bible so it fits in a backpack, briefcase, purse, or glove box and can easily be given away. But any size you prefer will work. ESV, CSB, or NIV are our favorite translations.
  • PEN AND HIGHLIGHTER – Any pen will do! Some pens and highlighters may show through the page to the other side, try colored pencils. Or check out some pens and highlighters we like here.
  • PAPER FOR NOTES – This could be sticky notes or index cards, adhered with washi tape. Your notes will reflect your personality, so you can’t go wrong here! If you want to add colorful clips or tabs, etc., go for it! Remember, the focus isn’t the craft, but the truth of Scripture.
  • WORKBOOK AND WORKSHEETS – Download the Foundations Workbook and any supplemental Worksheets if you’d like them. This will guide you to know what to put in the Loved Bible, and help you grow as a disciple-maker. For more info on the Workbook and Worksheets, click here.
  • Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for inspiration. You don’t have to be creative to Love a Bible! Give yourself grace and enjoy the process.

Step Three

Highlight & Add Notes​

As you delight in Scripture, highlight the truth, freedom, and hope found in Christ. Meditate on God’s promises and be transformed. Continually pray.

  • The Foundations Workbook is designed to guide you through essential truths in the Bible – things like Who is Jesus? What is the gospel? How are we changed? How do I make disciples? This should be the basis for every Loved Bible. Regardless of where we are on our journey of faith, these concepts must continually shape us.
  • Worksheets are made to layer additional Scriptures and quotes on top of the Foundations Workbook material. They’re more specific and topical.
  • Give it your flair! Simple or elaborate – it’s up to you. Highlight and write notes as you follow the Workbook and Worksheets.
  • Be sure you don’t permanently cover up any of the Scripture.
  • Remember, you’re creating a tool for discipleship. It will give you confidence in sharing the gospel and helping others understand foundational truths of the Bible.

Step Four

Give It Away​

You might know right away who should receive this Loved Bible, or maybe you’re not sure. That’s ok! Keep praying and ask God to make you aware of the people around you. Here are some things to think about when it’s time to give it away:

  • Ideally, give the Loved Bible to someone you know so you can read through it  together. Making disciples of Jesus happens best in a personal relationship.
  • Maybe God is prompting you to give the Loved Bible to a stranger, like a barista, a clerk, or the person next to you on a plane or in the doctor’s waiting room. Consider ways you can intentionally seek out others, because you are an ambassador for Christ and his gospel.
  • What are the natural rhythms of your life? Consider your neighbors, people at your gym, at work, or at your kids’ sporting events. Make a list of places you frequently go.
  • What groups or causes are you passionate about? Maybe it’s homelessness, elderly, crisis pregnancy, environmentalism, local politics. Who might need a Loved Bible in these places?

Step Five

Invest & Invite

Jesus calls us to make disciples. This means investing in someone, taking time to talk about life, Jesus and God’s Word. This also means helping him or her get connected to a local church. Consider some practical ways to make, mature, and multiply disciples:

  • Meet regularly to discuss the Loved Bible entires, read/discuss a devotional book together, or create new Loved Bibles together. Perhaps you can use the Attributes of God Worksheets, and read None Like Him to supplement your conversations.
  • Read a book of the Bible together. Have him or her write down thoughts or questions, and do your best to answer them.
  • Invite your friend to church, and think about all the ways you can help him or her feel at ease there:
    • Meet in the parking lot, save a seat, answer questions about the kids’ program if applicable, etc.
    • Help him or her know what to expect, and maybe share a video sermon ahead of time.
    • Introduce him or her to your church family and pastor. Invite your friend to lunch after the service, or be sure to check in after a few days for feedback.

Download the Getting Started Guide

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