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Read the Getting Started Guide and download the Foundations Workbook. In the Getting Started Guide, you’ll learn more about the project and the “5 steps” of the Loved Bible process. In the Foundations Workbook you’ll find important Scripture verses to add to your Bible. Most FAQs will be answered as part of the Getting Started Guide!

No! Anyone can love a Bible! We encourage you to use ideas and inspiration from our Instagram and Facebook social media, but everyone adds his or her own personality to the pages of a Loved Bible. Don’t be discouraged if you dislike your handwriting or you don’t consider yourself ‘creative.’ God’s Word will speak for itself. Our task is simply to help someone navigate the pages, praying God will develop that person’s appetite for his Word.

We recommend you start all Loved Bibles using the Foundations Workbook. This gives an overview of the gospel, describing how the gospel is for all of life. The gospel saves us, sanctifies (grows) us, and sustains us (we never grow out of our need!). Include a few (or as many!) of the recommended Scriptures for each question. There are usually about 50 entries in each Loved Bible.

We suggest all Loved Bibles contain answers to basic questions of the Christian faith, such as ‘Who is Jesus?’ ‘What is the gospel?’ ‘How does the gospel change me?’ etc. These have been outlined in the Foundations Workbook. As you repeatedly go through this process, you begin to rehearse and memorize the Scriptures and their meanings, helping you grow as a disciple-maker. This process equips you for future opportunities to evangelize and disciple in face-to-face relationships, while also building a tool for you to use.

Our Resources page lists many of the authors we highly recommend, and it’s growing all the time! While there are lots of great authors and books out there, we simply can’t know the theology and background of them all. The authors and titles on our Resources list are those we stand behind because we’ve found them to be helpful supplements to God’s inerrant Word.

No. Throughout the process, pray continually for who might receive the Bible. You may start with someone in mind, and pray personally for them or add specific notes in the Bible. As you go through the Foundations Workbook, there will be questions to help you consider who God may be leading you toward in discipleship. Or, you may complete a Loved Bible using the Foundations Workbook, and still not know who to give it to. That’s ok! Keep your eyes open to those around you and listen for the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit.

Loved Bibles are not only for new believers. The Foundations Workbook has been curated for understanding new life in Christ, and also addresses how the gospel continues to grow us and sustain us. When we go through various seasons of life, we need to saturate ourselves in the truth of the gospel. We recommend including the fundamental Scriptures from the Foundations guide, and then adding Scriptures/notes for the specific situation the receiver is facing. See the Resources page for a growing list of topic-specific Worksheets with Scriptures and quotes. There are also book recommendations for further reflection and ideas.

Keep it simple! The emphasis of The Loved Bible Project is not the art. While you’re welcome to use creative Bible journaling techniques, favorite pens and supplies, the focus is on the content and the process of giving it away, inviting and investing in relationships. Typically a small Bible costs less than $10. Feel free to use common school or office supplies like basic pens, colored pencils, highlighters, index cards, and sticky notes.

Start with using a colored pencil to highlight or underline Scripture. Then simply use index cards to rewrite the Scripture or add a note. Often you’ll have to rewrite a note several times. This is ok! You will mess up! This is a great practice to rehearse the truth in your mind – over and over – and excellent for Scripture memorization.

We recommend a compact Bible, but feel free to use any size that works for you. Our social media pages typically show an ESV 4×6 Compact Bible. We also love a slightly bigger 5×8 version in large print. Choose a Bible you’d like to work on, knowing a Loved Bible is meant to be a tool to help others apply the Bible to all of life and help navigate Scripture. It’s often a companion that can be easily taken along and given away, but if you prefer to love and give away a larger Bible, that’s great too!

We suggest loving a Bible in the version used by your local church for preaching. We typically share the ESV, CSB or NIV. You can learn more about various Bible translations here. Visit biblegateway.com to easily search Bible passages and switch between different translations.

Loved Bibles are being given away to friends, family, neighbors, and strangers; both new believers and mature believers. Many give them at celebrations such as baptism, graduation, marriage, and to new parents. Others seize opportunities with seasons of life such as military deployment, suffering, loss, or cancer. Men and women often give Loved Bibles to people God has called us to advocate for, such a those facing homelessness, human trafficking, or considering abortion. Loved Bibles are often left for strangers – in hotel rooms, hospital waiting rooms, and airports! Read the “Give It Away” section of the Getting Started Guide for practical ideas as you consider who might need to receive a Loved Bible!

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