Fall 2022 Creative Team Book Picks

Fall is here! What does this change in season mean for The Loved Bible Project? Our Instagram and Facebook posts will have quotes and photos from a NEW round of books.

Check out why we chose each book!

Social Sanity in an Insta World by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

Creative Team Member: Malea

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with social media. We love seeing photos from family members and friends. Yet, sometimes after scrolling we can feel more discouraged than before we picked up our phones. This book answers questions like: “Why do I feel so irritated after being on social media? Why is everyone on Facebook having more fun than I am? Should I delete all my accounts?”

Follow #LovedBibleSocialSanity to explore how to navigate social media as a believer. 

Fix Your Eyes: How Our Study of God Shapes Our Worship of Him by Amy Gannett

Creative Team Member: Malea

Studying theology should not just help us grow in knowledge, but it should also increase our awe and worship of who God is! Likewise, our worship should be rooted in understanding who God is! “Fix Your Eyes is an invitation to understand core doctrines of the Christian faith and apply them in our daily worship of God. It walks believers through key theological concepts and shows how each can be lived out in daily life.”

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The Promises of God by The Daily Grace Company

Creative Team Member: Christie

“What does the Lord promise to those who love Him? And how do the promises of God affect our everyday lives? The Promises of God covers topics like blessing, redemption, mercy, and joy, and describes how the promises of God bring hope for our everyday lives. There is only One who perfectly fulfills His promises. God never changes, and He is a faithful Father who perfectly cares for His children.”

Follow #LovedBiblePromises as we are confident you will want to add some of these quotes to your Loved Bible.

Seek: Psalm 61-90 by The Daily Grace Company

Creative Team Member: Christie

“How can we grow in our relationship with God? If we want to seek God, what should we say, do, and pray? This study looks closely at thirty psalms that remind us to worship God and call us to draw near to Him because He has drawn near to us.”

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Do You Believe Paul David Tripp

Creative Team Member: Amber

If you have picked up this book, you know how THICK it is. Amber will continue to pull quotes from it for the next semester. Do we really believe the doctrines we say we believe? This book looks at 12 core doctrines and how we should live in light of them. “As readers explore topics such as the doctrine of God, the holiness of God, and the doctrine of Scripture, they will be fueled to fall deeper in love with and stand in awe of their Creator and Father―putting the truths of God’s word on display for all the world to see.”

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Christ-Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in Daniel by Dr. Daniel Akin

Creative Team Member: Julie

If you read our September newsletter, you saw a blog on commentaries. The Christ-Centered Exposition Series is one of our team’s favorites. We love this easy-to-read series that always shows Jesus as the hero of scripture.

Follow #LovedBibleDaniel to dive deep into this book of the Bible.

Reading the Bible, Missing the Gospel: Recovering from (Shockingly Common) Ways We Get the Bible Wrong in Our Everyday Lives by Ben Connelly

Creative Team Member: Heather

If you have been following The Loved Bible Project, you know we believe the gospel is for all of life. “This book is an invitation for followers of Jesus to recover the core message of the Bible we love to read, hear, and teach. As we do, we’ll stand in awe of the depth of God’s work, as we see God’s good
news afresh, and we’ll recover new or long forgotten ways that the gospel truly does change everything.”

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Which of these books interests you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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