Exciting News for The Loved Bible Project

The Loved Bible Project is a tool designed to help ordinary people make disciples through the use of the Bible.

We are excited to announce The Loved Bible Project is now recognized as a Non-Profit ministry!

The Loved Bible Project aims to provide free resources to come alongside individuals, small groups, and churches. The growth we’ve seen in the last few years has been beyond what we could have ever imagined after giving away what Anne Marie thought was only one ‘Loved Bible’. After much prayer and counsel, we decided to pursue becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit to better support the operations and expansion of the ministry. We are excited for this process to now be complete and to be recognized officially as a non-profit!

The Loved Bible Project Journey

When the first Loved Bible was created in 2016 for a homeless man living in downtown Pittsburgh, we could have never imagined what God would do with The Loved Bible Project.  We are in complete awe of how He has used this project across the globe.  God has been faithful through the high and lows that have been associated with The Loved Bible Project.

  • In January 2016 Anne Marie gave away a Loved Bible and the receiver was a homeless man. He later asked to meet Anne Marie again and requested more Bibles to share at the camp under the bridge – specifically the “loved” ones. Anne Marie went back and asked friends if they would help her with a project – The Loved Bible Project. And that was the beginning!
  • After creating a Facebook page to share examples locally, others from around the world began to follow, comment, and share their own Loved Bibles. Eventually they started to form what we now call our Creative Team.
  • Our inbox was flooded with the question “What do I include in a Loved Bible” which prompted the development of the Foundations Workbook and Getting Started Guide in 2020.
  • In the 2021, we experienced an all new low…our social media accounts were hacked. While sharing this as part of a prayer request in a Bible Study, someone in the group shared it with another friend who was able to get it fixed overnight. What a praise! This difficulty led to us creating a monthly newsletter as an additional way to stay in touch with followers.
  • We have been blessed to see how God has been faithful over the years bringing us different volunteers for different seasons! We are so thankful for the ways people have come to us sharing their time and talents. Recently, we have added church liaisons to our volunteer team which has been such a gift.
  • In 2022 Heather officially joined the The Loved Bible Project leadership team as Content Director. She develops the content for the TLBP workbook, worksheets, communications and social media posts, printables, pouring through books and resources to curate culturally relevant, Christ-exalting material.
  • In this last year we’ve engaged with some amazing Christian graphic designers allowing us to create and design many new creative resources.

What does this mean going forward for The Loved Bible Project?

The Loved Bible Project has become more than just a few people gathering in a living room highlighting and adding notes into a Bible. It has become a world-wide movement where people from numerous countries are using it as a simple way to grow in the foundational truths of the gospel and how to share and remind others of those truths. We believe that this new status will allow us to further expand our reach and accelerate our ability to provide new resources to equip disciple-makers.

We continue to:

  • provide daily gospel-centered inspiration on social media.
  • develop blogs and free resources in order to help our readers to more deeply love God, love Bibles, love people, and make disciples. 
  • create materials to support local churches, discipleship groups, college, schools, etc. as they collaborate with The Loved Bible Project.
  • send email newsletters with ideas, inspiration, and free printables to be used in Loved Bibles.

What are your current expenses?

Each month we have various operational expenses, such as fees affiliated with maintaining and hosting the website, technological tools, and our email platform. We also provide professionally printed stickers, printed cards, and other free promotional materials to churches, schools, and small groups to help engage and encourage participation. We conduct many giveaways of Loved Bible getting started kits and various Happy Mail for challenge participation. We currently have one staff employee managing day-to-day operations requiring a salary, and have also started to outsource some graphic design work to accelerate creating additional resources/printables for TLBP participants.

How can I support The Loved Bible Project?

We are so humbled that you would want to support The Loved Bible Project. It is truly an honor to come alongside you as use the project. Prayer is always an essential part of ministry. We would be honored if you would pray for The Loved Bible Project.

We would love for you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Love Bible Project to help us come alongside others as we continue to aim to be an ever-growing, biblically-literate global community of men and women who love God’s Word and share it with others.

“Love God. Love Bibles. Love People, Make Disciples.” 

If you have any questions, please email us at info@lovedbibleproject.com.

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