Everyday Rhythms

So often in The Loved Bible Project process, we reach the 4th and 5th steps and people ask “Who do I Give it Away to?” and “How do I Invest and Invite?” These are the steps where we begin to Love People and Make Disciples.

Now that it’s October, new unknowns may be settling into rhythms, making way for intentionality in your regular comings and goings. Welcome to the start of a 6-week series that will help you answer how we can love people well in the everyday and how that opens up opportunities to give away a Loved Bible and invest and invite. We’re calling it Everyday Rhythms, based on the B.L.E.S.S. acronym and series from The Saturate Podcast. Here you can listen to a discussion with an overview of the series and learn how to create intentional rhythms in your days. We will be sharing practical ways to apply the discussion to The Loved Bible Project on our social media pages throughout the week.

Adapted from resources from https://saturatetheworld.com

Follow along each week as we focus on each rhythm.

Each week on the blog, we’ll focus on one of 5 everyday rhythms that can guide us in gospel-intentionality. We’ll share some of the TLBP team’s takeaways as we discussed ways we can incorporate these rhythms into our regular routines too.

It may feel like you cannot do one more thing this fall. That’s ok!

This fall might be a season where you can’t imagine adding one. more. thing. — or you might feel like you’re struggling for your own survival. And that’s ok! This Everyday Rhythms series will help us look for ways we can intentionally be ‘on mission’ during our normal routines (even when they feel messy and chaotic!). 

Let’s grow together in what it looks like to live on mission.

No matter where you go, who you encounter, or how and when you eat, this series will help you grow to understand The Loved Bible Project’s core values and what it looks like to be Mission-Centered. When you get to Step 5 of the TLBP process, this series can guide you in practical ways to Invest and Invite.

Saturate the World describes Gospel intentionality and the five rhythms this way: “As Jesus saturates our lives, they change. Often the change is not what we do, but how we do them. The focus of our lives shifts from ourselves to God and His mission. Instead of serving ourselves and building our own kingdoms, we bless others and seek Jesus’ kingdom. In other words, we live the rhythms of everyday life with gospel intentionality. Gospel intentionality is doing the ordinary activities of life under the rule and reign of Jesus, for Jesus, and with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

But that’s often super tricky! How does grocery shopping, commuting, lunch breaks, bill paying, vacation going, work, sports, and all the other stuff of life change because of Jesus? 

We’ve found these five rhythms of life help us reorient those moments of life around Jesus and His mission.”

Follow along as we explore these five rhythms! 

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