Egg Your Neighbor

If you are familiar with The Loved Bible Project, you know step #5 is “Invest and Invite.”  We ask the Lord to give us eyes to see and connect with people in the community around us. Here is a simple way to invest in your neighbors or friends from school.

Egg Your Neighbor

If you haven’t heard of egging your neighbor before, no, it does not mean you chuck raw eggs at your neighbor’s house!  This kind of ‘egging’ is when you take a dozen treat-filled plastic eggs, head to a neighbor’s house or go to a school friend’s house. When you arrive, hide the eggs all over their lawn, and then leave the surprise for your unsuspecting neighbor.  When the homeowners come outside, they’ll find a note explaining the spontaneous egg hunt and begin their search!


  1. Buy 12 plastic eggs and candy. Fill 11 eggs with treats. Leave one egg empty.
  2. Go to a friend’s/neighbor’s house and scatter the 12 eggs around their front yard.
  3. Place the You’ve Been Egged printable on their front door.
  4. Leave quietly so they are surprised!

Thanks to Advance Community Church for these printables!

You’ve Been Egged Printable

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