Diving into God’s Word in 2022

The last few weeks of December can feel really busy. When I wrapped up my fall Bible study before Thanksgiving, I had really great intentions to gather a small group to go through an Advent study or devotional, but December planning quickly overtook all my thoughts and energy. Anyone else?!? I encourage you to take some time to be prepared for January and start thinking about what you want to be using for Bible study. Thankfully your church may already have community study options planned as part of their discipleship rhythms and all you have to do is sign up!  

Here are a few suggestions for you as you prepare for the next semester to dive into God’s Word. 

Bible studies are designed to help you dig deeper into the Bible. 

A topical study maybe written to have you learn more about a specific topic such as the Image of God, church history, the story of Scripture, etc. 

Book studies allow you to read a book by an author that helps you grow in your faith.  An example would be None Like You by Jen Wilkin which helps the reader to understand 10 ways that God is different and why that is a good thing.  

Things to consider when choosing:

  • What is an area that you want to grow in?
  • Do you tend to spend more time in the Old Testament or New Testament?  How can you balance that? 
  • Did you do a book study last semester?  You may want to take this semester to study a book of the Bible?

Suggestions (listed in order of least time required for the study to the most involved study)

Old Testament:

New Testament:

Topical Study:  The Gospel

Book Study:  Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks

If you are not already gathering as a group, we encourage you to invite and invest! Text a few friends or neighbors and see if they want to gather in the new year.

What will you be studying in 2022?

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