Books to Read Every Year

Love Your Church:  This book was just published last year! Yet, I have it on my list to read again this year. It is a valuable read to learn what church is, why being part of it is exciting, and why it’s worthy of our love and commitment.

Prayer: I love reading this book on the importance of prayer. It helps me to fight to prioritize prayer in my life!

Christ Centered-Exposition/Exalting Jesus in: I love this devotional-style commentary series. The authors exalt Jesus as hero of every book. This series has helped me to grow in biblical literacy and to understand the Bible better.

The Simplest Way to Change the WorldThis is such a practical book. The author shows how something as simple as opening your front door can make a big difference. It is helpful to anyone know matter what age or where they live.  It is a great resource as you pray about who in your life you should invest in.

Awe: After reading this book every year, I am left more in awe of who God is! It will open your eyes to who God is.

Being ThereSadly, someone I know is always going through a difficult season. This book provides so much wisdom and encouragement for those who are journeying with someone who is hurting.

Identity Theft: In a world that many find their identity in their job, marriage, hobbies, etc, this book is vital at reminding me who the Bible tells me I am in Christ. It is written by various authors. It helps you to know who you are in Christ and how that changes every aspect of your life. We all need to be reminded of who we are in Christ and encourage others to live out of that identity as well.

Gospel – 90 Day DevotionalI read through this book to start each year. It helps to remind me of what Christ has done to save me and make me more like Him. It is a 90-day reminder that we never move past the gospel. I love using this book when loving Bibles!

Gospel FluencyI need to intentionally rehearse the gospel to myself and immerse myself in it. It reminds me how everything in my life is impacted by the gospel and helps me to communicate that to others! It helps me to be able to speak gospel truths to others!

Which one of these books interests you the most? 

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