The season of Advent is more than wreaths and candles a few weeks before Christmas. Advent is the time some Christians take to prepare their hearts to focus on the true meaning of Jesus’ birth. The word advent means “arrival” or “an appearing, or coming into place.” It’s a time of waiting and reflecting on Jesus’ first coming to earth. Not only does Advent help us remember the dark, difficult season of waiting for the Messiah to come, it points us to the hope of Jesus’ second coming as we wait for him to return. Christians often observe Advent as a solemn, holy build-up to the joyful celebration of God’s gift of a Savior!

The word advent means “arrival” or “an appearing, or coming into place.”

The well known Christmas carol says… “Let every heart prepare him room”

Our to-do list often looks like: 

Prepare the house..making space for a tree, rearranging the mantle for stockings, and pulling out wreaths and decorations from storage.  

Prepare a shopping list with gifts for friends and family, ornament exchanges, and stocking stuffers and all the things to wrap the gifts. 

Prepare the kitchen and a grocery list for all the food-related must-haves and cookie variations.  

Have you asked yourself – how do I prepare my heart for the coming of Jesus?

Below are some resources to help you prepare your heart:

Online/No cost

For children


Other resources and helpful articles related to advent:

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