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Save this for a rainy day activity at home! This is a great activity for your kids to begin creating a Loved Bible. A Loved Bible is full of notes, prayers, highlights, etc. that is used as a tool to help make disciples by using the Bible.  We showed the kids several examples of Loved Bibles and you can find examples by following us on social media – Facebook or Instagram.

There are so many discipleship resources to utilize, but our #1 go-to is teaching about the attributes of God. (This applies to adults too!). This will create a foundation for growing in biblical literacy – as they begin to read the Bible they can ask simple questions of the text “Are there any attributes of God?” and “What does this passage teach me about God?”

We prepared this activity for a Loved Bible presentation at a local school for Spiritual Enrichment week. This would be great in any teaching environment or at home! 

  1. Explain the word “Attributes”: Attributes are words that tell us what someone or something is like. When we read the Bible, we can learn the attributes of God. God tells us who He is and what He is like in the Bible. Every story, person, place, and event in the Bible is true and helps us learn who God is. 

2. Describe the activity: We are going to create cards to help us remember His attributes. 

3. Show them how this connects to scripture: Let’s dig into God’s word together and see what we can learn about what He has done and who He is! Have a list of attributes available. Have them open their Bibles to Psalm 145 or print out a copy of the text. 

4. Read through the passage and have them raise their hands if they hear one of the attributes. They could circle the attribute in the passage. Pause and give the definition. 

5. Create attribute cards: Now they can make cards using alphabet stickers and decorate.

If you would like to continue with learning the attributes of God, here are some helpful resources!

The Loved Bible Project Attributes of God worksheet

The Village Church Attributes of God lessons

Attributes of God song

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