5 More Devotionals Suggestions

“Prioritize time in prayer and studying the Bible alone and with others. “ TLBP Foundations Workbook, Empowered section

Abiding throughout the day is an important discipline in life. Reorienting our hearts is something that we need to constantly prioritize. We know that you love to hear what resources we are using in our own lives. As a result, we have a few more devotions suggestions for you. To be clear none of these books are our primary diet in studying God’s Word They are simply helpful resources to keep focused on Christ throughout the day!

“Living for Jesus in this world will always feel like an uphill battle, because you are going against the current, and everything in the world will pull you in the other direction. If you are not actively fighting, you are drifting the wrong way, like Lot to Sodom…….You’ll never drift into spiritual maturity. It takes daily, focused effort.” JD Greear

Be Thou My Vision by Jonathan Gibson

“In Be Thou My Vision, Jonathan Gibson has created a 31-day liturgical guide designed to provide structure to the daily worship of individuals and families. Each daily reading includes a call to worship, adoration, confession, assurance, creed and catechism, the Gloria Patri, a prayer of illumination, Bible reading, intercessory prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer. Designed to be read in 15–20 minutes a day, this beautifully produced liturgy will give readers focus and purpose to their daily quiet time while teaching them historical prayers, creeds, and catechisms that point them to Christ.”

The Songs of Jesus by Tim Keller

“The Book of Psalms is known as the Bible’s songbook—Jesus knew all 150 psalms intimately, and relied on them to face every situation, including his death…If you have no devotional life yet, this book is a wonderful way to start. If you already spend time in study and prayer, understanding every verse of the psalms will bring you a new level of intimacy with God, unlocking your purpose within God’s kingdom.”

Upon Waking: 60 Daily Reflections by Jackie Hill Perry

“What if you could wake up each day to discover something so much bigger—and so much better for you—than all that chaos? What if you could discover God? What if you could discover yourself in light of that God? What if your eyes could be opened to the things that really mattered? What if, in one simple devotional a day, you could glean principles from timeless wisdom to sharpen you for each day’s inevitable challenges?
 Bible teacher Jackie Hill Perry offers sixty short, daily reflections on specific passages from Scripture to help you awaken to the God you were made for, the life you were made for, and the person you were made to be.”

The Promises of God by Charles Spurgeon and Tim Chester

“For each day of the year, Spurgeon reflects on a specific promise of God from Scripture that strengthened his heart in times of severe depression and suffering. Each daily meditation testifies to the goodness, faithfulness, and power of God. In this volume, Tim Chester helps Spurgeon speak to a new generation, updating archaic words, shortening sentences, and streamlining sentence structure―all without losing Spurgeon’s passionate and pastoral voice. These devotional readings will inspire you with fresh faith in the promise-making and promise-keeping God of the Bible.”

Daily Joy: A Devotional for Women by Lydia Brownback

“The Daily Joy devotional inspires women to engage with God’s word every day, allowing the truth of the gospel to transform their lives throughout the year. Featuring content from the ESV Women’s Devotional Bible, the Scripture reflections are written by more than 50 Christian writers and pastors including Joni Eareckson Tada, Lydia Brownback, Dane C. Ortlund, Jen Wilkin, Sam Storms, and Nancy Guthrie. Focused on biblical teaching and God’s transforming grace, these resources motivate women to apply God’s word while strengthening their hearts and nurturing their souls”

You can check out our other devotional suggestions here.

Which of these books interests you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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