A tool designed to help ordinary people make disciples through the use of the Bible.


Get Started

5 simple steps to create a Loved Bible

Step One

Rest in God's love for you

Before you begin, consider the ways God has provided for you over the past few days. He knows you and cares for you. Consider those who have invested in your faith. Pause to reflect and thank him. While you take a few moments to pray, ask God to lead you as you love the Bible. Also, pray for the person who will receive it.

Step Two

Keep it Simple

The goal of a Loved Bible is not to be artsy, but to apply the Bible to all of life and help someone else navigate the Scriptures. You need a compact Bible, a pen, highlighter, and sticky notes.

Step Three

Highlight Truth

We have provided resources and examples to guide you concerning what to highlight and notes to add emphasis to particular passages. As you journey through the Bible, pause to appreciate the truths and relevancy of the gospel. Be encouraged by how God will use you and his Scripture to impact the life of the person receiving the Loved Bible.

Step Four

Share the Good News of Jesus

When you complete a Loved Bible, it’s time to give it away. Who in your life would benefit from receiving a Loved Bible? Ask God for discernment. Then, give it away! Provide an opportunity to walk through the various verses you highlighted. Be patient, humble, and available to discuss how God has been working in your life. This starts the amazing process of making disciples.

Step Five

Make Disciples

As you invest in this person’s life, invite them to places and events where there will be other Christians – hangouts, meals, coffee, and worship gatherings. Be present and encourage one another as you learn and apply the Bible to all of life.

The Loved Bible Community

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Our Story...

It all started with a potty...

What began as an uncomfortable step of obedience has become a global movement to know God and make Him known through His Word. To begin, all you need is an expectant heart, asking God to show Himself to you through the gift of His Word.

The gospel is the good news of what Jesus did on our behalf through his life, death, resurrection, and ascension. It is the work of God that saves, sanctifies, and sustains his people.

There are so many churches, with large or subtle distinctions.
How do you choose one?

Jesus’ clear command to his followers is to make disciples
(Matthew 28:19-20)

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